Sound Installation "Das angebrochene eingebrochene"

Ableton / 8 Speakers / Fan / Leaves / Wood Door

As I first saw the place where I had to install this piece of art, something communicated to me directly. This something was the tree. The tree was behind the window of the same room. I had the feeling, it was talking to me.
From this moment I knew, this should happen. The window must be open and I have to pull the tree, at least the branches looking into the room. I did it. I was lucky it was summer. It was warm. So I let the window be open and the feeling of that wind coming out of the window, was very real. The sounds I've recorded, the sounds of wind, I let play through 8 mini speakers, placed inside of the wood. What else I did is that I collected many leaves and placed them too at the wood. So that they would slightly move when the wind would change his power. So this feeling of the wind, of some cosmic source, forcing the tree to open the window and letting it enter inside of the room, this feeling is verbalized in the description "das angebrochene eingebrochene". It is something breaking in, breaking through and something starting there at the same moment.

Das angebrochene eingebrochene