Sound and Video Installation "Utopolis"

Paper / LED / Arduino / TV / Loudspeakers / WD Media Player / White Tape

Here we go with the next video that shows one of my interactive video and sound installations that was produced for the Festival of Sound Art and New Music „Opening“ and took place 2014 in the medieval Trier.
First what I did, I went to the location to measure the room where I wanted to exhibit. While working there I saw something out of the window that took my whole attention. This was Tufa.topolis: the city of children as they call themselves. It is a summer camp where all the buildings and constructions are constantly made by the children. They also run a small gardening space there and even have their own money.
I couldn’t stop myself from the desire of incorporating what I saw into my installation.

So I took my camera and I made interviews with the children and the adults that run this summer art camp. Finally I placed an old TV into the corner of the room and let it play the video on loop. Every sound that would come from the video or from the public, would trigger the audio sensors and they would let the lights turn on every time the sound was on.

Sound Installation "Utopolis"