New project. No name. Non verbal. "I am large. I contain multitudes".

The last thing what happened to me and my music in 2013 is this something. This is a collaboration with a musician/producer Jiu Vetsy who I've met at the Pure Data Course @ Mainz University, Music Informatics Department. It is more then music. It is something different. Very emotional combination of spontaneous producing and a random musicology.
It is more of a philosophical talks using sound instead of language. Non verbal conversations based on musical instruments, electronic or analog. It is mostly electronic but it can end somewhere around lonely piano, playing our blues away. Very fine but brutal at the same time. We never know what will happen in the next tracks or even inside of any track. It can be sad and then suddenly getting so much joy. It is a state what we create when we are there. Not just music for the ears. So I am very happy to be able to introduce you to it.
There are many titles for this state of mind, but no word is precise and can ever be. So we could call it an "apple" or a "project" or "duende"...let me not call it at all. No name feels exactly the way it really is. Something mystical. Here this second, gone the next one. Tragically ephemere but so much alive too.