Interactive Sound Book "Mon livre acousmatique"

Paper / Processing / Reactivision / Webcam / Speakers

It is some sort of a Sonic Book, that turns you into the talker and listener at the same time. In
some way you become a conductor and it’s up to you to decide whether to play or not.
The book consists of 128 pages, the half of them contains 64 graphic symbols (QR-Codes). With assistance of Processing Software, a webcam installed inside of the reading lamp above the book, reads the QR-Symbols and translates them into sound samples that I’ve recorded before.
Each sound is my own interpretation of the Aphasia, a neural disorder that mostly occurs after the stroke. In other words, this sound book represents a sort of interface that plays sound recordings
each time when the page with the symbols would be turned. When the reader (public) turns a page that contains no symboled at all, there won’t be any sounds to be heard.
Maybe this is one of the reasons I make Sound Installations and Performances. It gives me the
total freedom of communication and the possibility to search for answers without even aiming to
find them once.

Interactive Sound Installation "Mon livre acousmatique"