Things I do with sound

Es handelt sich um eine Art Klangbuch, das die Idee eines chinesischen "I-Ching:Buch dre Wandlungen" verkörpert und in einer ungewöhnlichen Weise interpretiert.

The thing I did with sound last February at the Festival for Sound Art and New Music "Opening 2014" in Trier, Germany.

The Title "esem ikem" consists from reversing the name "Mackie the Knife" and it was written in IPA-Symbolic (International Phonetic Alphabet).

The last thing what happened to me and my music in 2013 is this something. This is a collaboration with a musician/producer Jiu Vetsy who I've met at the Pure Data Course @ Mainz University, Music Informatics Department. It is more then music. It is something different.

As I first saw the place where I had to install this piece of art, something communicated to me directly. This something was the tree. The tree was behind the window of the same room. I had the feeling, it was talking to me. It was screaming something like: "open this bloody window, girl!

Kunsthalle Schirn is one of my favorite places for modern arts in Frankfurt. Last time I saw Yoko Ono's Exhibition there. This time they write about Aussenwelt Festival where I present my sound installation "Irgendwo". Next week 23-25.08 in Frankfurt Kulturcampus Bockenheim.

My current project is an interactive Sound and Wind Installation "Irgendwo", the german word for "Somewhere".
23-25.08.2013 Aussenwelt Festival Tagträumer Nachtlichter Frankfurt Kulturcampus Bockenheim